Massage & Movement

focusing on helping you to move and feel better

Massage & Movement incorporates posture, flexibility and movement training with remedial massage treatment to improve your neuromuscular and fascial fitness. Helping you overcome pain and injury from work, sport and everyday living. 

stretch & resist

Stretch & Resist Classes are a fun and relaxed way of maintaining and improving your body's flexibility and posture. Increasing your self belief, confidence and empowerment through movement.

The classes are suitable for everyone, at all levels of health and fitness.

We're aiming to create space in the body, improve our elasticity and unstick those areas that are prone to getting stuck - our hips, our ankles, our upper back. If we keep the movement in these areas, our entire body can remain pain-free, injury-free and happy. 

My classes incorporate whole body movement which includes:

  • body awareness

  • active resistance stretching

  • "melting" stretches

  • muscle strengthening

  • co-ordination & dexterity

  • balance

This healthy movement and healthy exercise affects our psyche and mental fitness. It's important for everyday movement, as well as for prevention of injuries and rehabilitation.

Movement to help you feel agile and ageless.

Healthy fascia is resilient, flexible and strong, helping to prevent injuries and improve recovery time.

The fascial system wraps around, through and in-between every muscle, bone, nerve, organ and blood vessel in your body. "It's more accurate to say that there is one muscle poured into six hundred pockets of the fascial webbing." (Tom Myers) Our fascia is our richest sense organ; it holds all our day to day muscular, mental and emotional tension. Therefore we must stretch and strengthen it in a slow and mindful way.

Take control now, and have fun doing it.

Roslyn Mallitt Dip HSc (MassageTherapy)
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