Massage & Movement

focusing on helping you to move and feel better

Massage & Movement incorporates posture, flexibility and movement training with remedial massage treatment to improve your neuromuscular and fascial fitness. Helping you overcome pain and injury from work, sport and everyday living. 


Roslyn Mallitt graduated with a Diploma of Health Science (Massage Therapy) in 1996.

Over the years, she has continued her education and knowledge through reading and attending numerous courses, workshops and conferences on movement, fascia, current research and ergonomics, to name a few.

Roslyn’s knowledge has also been learnt through first-hand experience of injuries sustained on and off the sporting field!

Working at Oyster Bay Massage Therapy Clinic and Barden Ridge Natural Therapies Clinic, she has spent the last 21 years treating and helping people throughout the Sutherland Shire, Bankstown and St George areas help manage their pain and injuries.

She believes massage and exercise is medicine, and has an interest in assessing clients’ physical movement limitations and helping to improve their strength and mobility to reduce pain. She is also a Stretch Therapist, completing a certification with Kit Laughlin in 2011, and Active Isolated Stretching/Strengthening with Dr Ben Benjamin in 2013.

In January 2014, Roslyn completed a Fascial Fitness course with Robert Schleip & Divo Mueller, two of the world's leading experts on fascia.

Since 2016 Roslyn has been keenly learning more movement based therapy from James Walsh, along with an understanding that the body must be looked at from all levels not just the physical.          

Douglas Heel's Be Activated course in 2017 has given Roslyn another level to work from which helps create a greater structural integrity in the body.

JEMS Foundations for Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Professionals with Joanne Elphinston in 2019 has added even more layers of understanding to how we move and the importance of our brain and neuromuscular system in moving well.

Roslyn works closely with, and refers to, other healthcare providers when necessary to maximise improvements in clients’ health.

To make an appointment call Roslyn 0419 691 960 or book a class online.



Roslyn Mallitt Dip HSc (MassageTherapy)
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