Massage & Movement

focusing on helping you to move and feel better

Massage & Movement incorporates posture, flexibility and movement training with remedial massage treatment to improve your neuromuscular and fascial fitness. Helping you overcome pain and injury from work, sport and everyday living. 


Hear what clients of Massage & Movement have to say...

"I look forward to my class each week. Roslyn caters for individual needs in sessions which are always varied and enjoyable. At the end of a class I feel positive, stronger and more energetic. Definitely worthwhile!” - Fiona

"Ros has been my Massage Therapist for a number of years. As I've been getting older I have suffered with 'aches and pains' in various parts of my body. Ros had recommended her classes to me for sometime before I took the plunge and started attending in early 2017. It has made a remarkable difference to my ability to move without pain and to feel confident in my balance in my day to day activities. It has also helped my fitness levels as well. I started with a degree of reluctance and lack of confidence in my ability to move as well as others in my class...but Ros has always made me feel comfortable and at ease. I generally come out of the class 'feeling taller' and with stress levels that are significantly lower than when I arrived! I can highly recommend the class." - Judith

I am definitely heading towards my goal of standing on one leg. My balance has always been a great weakness. I have attended both the Happy Feet and Stretch & Resist classes this year. These are helping me to achieve my goal. Also, my hip pain has reduced dramatically due to the gentle exercises that have many benefits. The stretch class is a fun class too as you do not know what awaits you each week! The Happy Feet class has given me more awareness of the role of my feet which has been of great benefit for my balance. I leave the classes feeling really good and relaxed.” - Diane Mott

" I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the workshop. I found it informative and interesting. The exercises revived my feet. Even though I don't have foot pain I can see how these exercises will benefit me into the future." - Matt

"I'm on my feet all day at work. Using the techniques Roslyn demonstrated, my feet feel so much better and are pain-free after years of putting up with pain. I'd recommend this workshop to anyone." - Sharon

Roslyn Mallitt Dip HSc (MassageTherapy)
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